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Gold Loans


Loan against pledge of gold jewelers for meeting the urgent and immediate requirements of public at a Loan to value ratio of 75 %( Vide circular No: DNBS.CC.PD.NO.365/03.10.01/2013- 14 DT 08/01/14) that too at a reasonable rate of interest. PNY Sabha Finance Ltd provide easy and swift solutions to channelize the best value for your precious Gold ornaments.Easy and simple paper works to help your needs. Customer delight is our maxim.

Our Highlights
  • Hassle free Loan facility
  • Repayment options through any of our branches.
  • All branches are under CCTV surveillance.
  • No hidden charges.
  • Appraiser charge of Rs.10 -Rs.25/- with respect to pledge amount
  • Minimum 5 days Interest will be charged for loan amount above Rs 25000/-
  • Gold Loan minimum rate of interest is Rs 20/- for Gold Loan up to Rs 25000/-
  • Maximum processing charge RS.350/-( for special schemes)

While fixing the interest rate of loan, the direct cost incurred by the company on the borrowed funds as well as other factors such as Employee cost, operational expenses, a fair return for the capital employed, etc., will be taken into consideration.

For different Gold Loan Schemes interest rate is different.. At present company offers gold loan schemes with annualized interest rate of 15% to 27.15% depending upon the scheme preferred.